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Love Life Now Podcast

Meena Aithal

Do you long to find work that brings you more balance and joy? If so, I'm Meena Aithal, a certified holistic life coach, and I'm here to help with just that. In fact, I used to be you too experiencing the Sunday night scaries or blues as I call it, hitting snooze over and over in the morning because I didn't want to get up to start my workday, feeling extremely exhausted because I stayed late at work to get things done for the next day, constantly worrying about work when I wasn’t at work, and experiencing debilitating anxiety as a result. In fact, I was completely miserable in my career as an elementary classroom teacher, until I found a way out. My goal of the Love Life Now Podcast is to help women like you see that there is a way out to feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, overworked, and just plain unhappy and miserable in your career or a job. You too can find balance and joy in the work you do and the life you live. So stay tuned for future episodes, where I share what has helped me bring more balance and joy into the work I do and the life I live because this can help you too.